Independant escort in Berlin. High class escort guide, fluent in german & English. High Class, independant Escort Service Berlin. Selesta. It must be very easy to find a good-looking Escort offering a variety of different services - one which leaves you satisfied and happy. However, it might be more complicated if you decide to go for a search of your Perfect Companion.

I'm also available to clients in Cologne, Kölln, Hamburg, Frankurt, Dubai, Geneva, Zürich, Barcelona & Oslo.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to sleep late and take spontaneously, plenty of vacations, she also needed lots of free time to pursue her various interests and hobbies.

At the same time she absolutely couldn't stand any kind of rigid routine (except the one she regularly followed in the gym ;-)) and she passionately hated any idea of 9-5 jobs and unavoidable discipline and obedience associated with it...

...oh and did I mention that she had the most beautiful blue eyes?

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"The one who loves pleasure too much, ends up a poor man....    
but follow me anyhow"