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It must be very easy to find a good-looking Escort offering a variety of different services - one which leaves you satisfied and happy. However, it might be more complicated if you decide to go for a search of your Perfect Companion.

A Perfect Companion, in my opinion, is the one with whom you can develop this particular degree of mutual chemistry. This absolute MUST INGREDIENT outlines with exact precision the difference between a "pleasant meeting with a cute, willing escort" and a "truly memorable experience with a great woman".

Many of us have some kind of a fake internet identity / personality and we are strengthening this illusory image by adopting "the right" tone / attitude while exchanging e-mails and phone calls with potential clients.

I personally rather prefer to give you a glimpse of my real personality, rather than to sell you a badly staged illusion of something what I am not.

But first of all, I would apologise for hiding my eyes (Windows of the Soul, arent they?) Privacy is important for me and I would like to eliminate chances of being recognised. However, I hope that we meet face to face one day and you will see by yourself that blue colour in combination with long black lashes.

Ach, yes, and I am approx 175 cm and I am in my 30s (but could pass for much younger if I would keep my mouth shut or giggle all the time with a sweet, innocent "I don't know" expression.)

So... Now we are approaching more slippery ground - description of my personality. It usually works like that - I am either

  • adored for being refreshingly spontaneous
  • liked for being honest and open-minded
  • loved for being cheerful and (sometimes) loud

Or with considerably less luck, I am

  • labelled as crazy and unpredictable (I rather would have used words such as "charismatic" and "exiting" instead)
  • accused of being pushy and impatient (Ach! What was it once again that Honore de Balzac said about this issue of female patience? "Patience is a virtue of dull, ordinary women" I hope you agree with him on this one!)
  • .....and... I was even dismissed with a remark of being not feminine enough (Excuse Me??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, here is another explanation and this time I try to keep it very simple and down to earth:

  • I don't kiss. I shower you with kisses.
  • I will never ask you. I will tell you (but with a sweetest smile and big, big hug).
  • I don't strip off my clothes in slow so-called seductive (?) motions. I was told (on more than one occasion) that I have a tendency to rip mine off. (May be that is true, I don't remember...). But do not fear, my dear admirer or future friend, having said all that, I would like to assure you that by no means I am some kind of SHE-Vamp trapped in an mortal body feeding on other peoples sexual exhaustion, jumping on top of you from the chandeliers the whole night, screaming loud and leaving long red scratchmarks on your back. ;-)

I do not like women! I am a 101% pure heterosexual, I want YOU and only YOU to be the center of my attention. So please, do not suggest other girls to join us, unless for a drink.

....the list can go on and on, but I hope that you already have the right impression of what to expect.

I am a hot-blooded, passionate woman, rather then a demure smiling, quiet Geisha girl. However, the sparks of my very personal fireworks no matter how bright, can be transformed at times into the soothing, comforting glow of a fireplace - for all of those who are tired of the everyday demands and challenges of their hectic world.

So, if after all that has been said you do not find my fiery charisma annoying and irritating (but rather consider it being very, very exiting and intriguing) I would love to hear from you.

Lets begin our adventure.. life can be so beautiful!... and Berlin offers a perfect frame for it with its musicals, museums, wonderful restaurants and 5 star hotels...